media coverage
DJ JENS with NINA SKY @ Nordic Light Hotel in Stockholm, Sweden,
way back in Spring of 2005.
Through over 26 years of broadcasting on
MRS 90.5 FM in the Stockholm/Västerort
area (since March 1996), the DJ JENS and THE
featured extensively in various Swedish
magazines, on websites and
other media outlets:
* The community newspaper Lokaltidningen
mitt-i (Västerort / Spånga, Tensta Rinkeby &
Vallentuna editions) ran a story on our 10th
Anniversary on Tuesday, March 7, 2006.
They had also done features on us earlier;
in September 2003 and waaaay back in
February of 1998.
* In the year 2000, DJ JENS did a LIVE
personal audio diary for Swedish national
radio channel P1 .
* The very popular music
website did a special feature on us when
we celebrated 5 years on the air in 2001.
Peep this classic cover here .
* Sweden´s No.1 national daily newspaper
Aftonbladet also have featured us twice, in
November of 2000 and in March, 2005.
You can check out the latter here .
* In May and December of 2008 + in
June, 2010, DJ JENS was the guest with
presenter AMETIST on her old rap show
"En Kärleksattack På Svensk HipHop"
on another radio station in Stockholm
SR Metropol FM 93.8.
AMETIST also returned the favour by
being a guest on the Soul Underground
Show on October 26, 2008.
* Sweden´s leading hip-hop magazine
KINGSIZE MAGAZINE have featured us on
their website in January 2007, March 2008
& April 2012. Read the 2008 feature here.
DJ JENS was also a featured BLOGGER @
Kingsize with his yacatchme blog
from June 2012 - June 2013.
That blog got started at blogspot in
August of 2009, then got featured at the
now defunkt music website
2010-2012 and since July 2013 is
published by DJ JENS independently
@ .
Today that blog also features
#OnceWereGood #yacatchme
- Sweden´s First And Only Urban,
Glamour And Fetish Model Network.
* DJ JENS as well got many features on an
old popular Swedish hip-hop blog by the
E-COMPANY DJs. Check some of them
right here, here and here .
Shout out to the DJ´s FORT KNOX,
to 2013.
* DJ JENS has also since November 2019,
together with his vegan friend MICHEAL
"OWG" CAMBELLO, started celebrating
his own vegan holiday DONALD WATSON
DAY and appurtenant VeganAfton parties.
Check some pictures and movies from
these November parties in 2019, 2020 and
2021 here, here, here, here, here, here,
here, here, here, here and here.