media coverage
DJ JENS with AMETIST @ Metropol Studios in Stockholm, Sweden
on Friday, December 19th , 2008.
(Photo: Thomas Nielsen)
Through over 21 years of broadcasting
on MRS 90.5 FM in the Stockholm/Västerort
area (since March 1996), the DJ JENS and THE
featured extensively in various Swedish
magazines, on websites and
other media outlets:
* The community newspaper Lokaltidningen
mitt-i (Västerort / Spånga, Tensta Rinkeby &
Vallentuna editions) ran a story on our 10th
Anniversary on Tuesday, March 7, 2006.
They had also done features on us earlier;
in September 2003 and waaaay back in
February of 1998.
* In the year 2000, DJ JENS did a LIVE
personal audio diary for Swedish national
radio channel P1 .
* The very popular music
website did a special feature on us when
we celebrated 5 years on the air in 2001.
Peep this classic cover here .
* Sweden´s No.1 national daily newspaper
Aftonbladet also have featured us twice, in
November of 2000 and in March, 2005.
You can check out the latter here .
* In May and December of 2008 + in
June, 2010, DJ JENS was the guest with
presenter AMETIST on her hip-hop show
"En Kärleksattack På Svensk HipHop"
on another radio station in Stockholm
SR Metropol FM 93.8.
AMETIST also returned the favour by
being a guest on the Soul Underground
Show on October 26, 2008.
* Sweden´s leading hip-hop magazine
KINGSIZE MAGAZINE have featured us on
their website in January 2007, March 2008
& April 2012. Read the 2008 feature here.
DJ JENS was also a featured BLOGGER @
Kingsize with his yacatchme blog
from June 2012 - June 2013.
That blog got started at blogspot in
August of 2009, then got featured at the
now defunkt music website
and is now still published by DJ JENS
independently @ .
Today that blog is also featuring
#OnceWereGood #yacatchme
- Sweden´s First And Only Urban,
Glamour And Fetish Model Network.
* DJ JENS as well got many features on an
old popular Swedish hip-hop blog by the
E-COMPANY DJs. Check some of them
right here, here, here and here .
Shout out to the DJ´s FORT KNOX,
TAPLET & NICKELODEON back in the day.
* Finally check out the DJ JENS old
original yacatchme blog right here: